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Important notice to investors in Himalayan Fund N.V. (the "Fund"):
dealing in shares during 2018

The Board of Directors of Himalayan Fund N.V. informs investors that dealing in the shares of Himalayan Fund N.V. in the Euronext Fund Service system will be affected by public holidays in Europe and India as described below.


  • 26 January 2018 will not be an Execution Day;

  • 2 March 2018 will not be an Execution Day;
  • 30 March 2018 (Good Friday) will not be an Execution Day, all orders entered before 16h00 CET(Cut-off Time) on 29 March 2018 will be executed on Tuesday 3 April 2018;

  • 23 November 2018 will not be an Execution Day.





If you have any questions you may contact Mrs. Karin van der Ploeg at or at + 31 20 6411161